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You will most likely need a seamstress to help make minor alterations to your wedding gown so it fits you to perfection.

If you do order a wedding gown from Cotswold Bridal Boutique, you will measured to see what size you are on the designers dress chart.  We always go up one size when ordering your gown on the day of your fitting (this has never failed us yet)

We will make sure  your  gown is as close to your body size as possible, we advise you to use a dress-maker or seamstress to take it in for the perfect fit for your body shape. We do not have an in-house seamstress but we can highly recommend a couple of great dress makers who work closely with our company to make sure you are getting the best service. They are both within a 25 minute drive of the boutique and they have been working with our customers for a fair few years now. They do a fantastic job.

Because alterations are not part of Cotswold Bridal Boutique's service we recommend you ask dress-makers directly for prices and times. We can advise you on questions to ask and what to look for from a seamstress local to you.

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