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Why choose a Sample dress?

Sample dresses are a great way to save money and still getting the dress of your dreams for half the price and some cases more!

If you are working with a short wedding day timeline choosing a sample dress is great choice, as there are no lead times, you can take it away that day.

What if the dress that I want is too big for me?

If you look for a good dressmaker anything is possible, do your research and choosing someone recommended is always key.

What if the dress I want is marked?

Usually the 'off the rail' dresses are sold as seen. 

You would take it away as it is and find someone yourself. There are many places you can go to on your local high-street that will gladly help you.

We can recommend specialists to you.

When is the best time to buy my dress?

It’s important to allow enough time between choosing a dress and the big day.

as you will need some sort of alterations to make it fit you better.

Can I haggle on price?

As the dresses are highly discounted already probably not but it is always worth asking!

Can I modify the dress?

The answer is yes, just make sure you check with your dress maker first. If you find a good one they can pretty much do anything!

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What’s not to love about our Linda beauty - truly a timeless and feminine style.




The Lily is a Elegant flattering dress with gorgeous sophisticated back and train.




introducing Emmie to the sale!

she is a beautiful fitted dress that will hug and support you on your fabulous big day.

it has a sophisticated shimmer and a beautiful long train.




Bigger is better with this gown.

boasting a large train that is fit for a queen. 

with a sequined top and plunging neckline and a beautiful bow on the back.