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Trunk show dresses availible now in store!

Maria Ciesielska size 8-10

Maria Ciesielska is a young, creative and ambitious designer. She dresses the most beautiful women in different corners of the world, and those who do not yet know about it, become beautiful and aware of their femininity in the dresses of her design. The designer's dresses adorn foreign salons of New York, Berlin, London, Prague and Budapest. Clients from all over the world, sometimes only based on telephone contact – enjoy a perfectly made creation, perfectly matched to the taste of the ordering party.

Maria Ciesielska is not only a talent and brilliant abilities sucked with mother's milk, but also years of work from a very young age. Passion, work, hobbies, everyday life, need. Everything is contained in what the artist does. Strong technical foundations, hundreds of kilometers of pierced coupons of material, countless number of only satisfied customers is a reliable school of expressed female desires, which taught the artist to skillfully combine what she hears and what her trained eye sees, and what she transfers to the material and creates Her Majesty's Dress. The designer is an ingenious architect of the outfit, adapts to every sense of taste and style. If you dream of tailor-made creation on every important day for you, Atelier Maria Ciesielska is the number one place on the list to visit! Characteristic ubiquitous lace and a strongly emphasized line of the female figure, breaking stereotypes, giving lightness to existence, and at the same time the character of each creation – these are the artist's special signs.